Born of Necessity

March 4th, 2010 comments 3

The community surrounding Kitchen Chicago has always been great, both online and in person.  Recently we’ve been reaching out in more ways (Twitter, Facebook), and we wanted to provide another avenue to share and discuss topics related to KC.  It has also become apparent that our home-grown support for “news” entries on our main site wasn’t cutting the mustard for what we’d like to accomplish, so we’ve spun up this blog as a solution.

Most recently, of course, has been the licensing flap, and we will be posting more information about the ongoing push for food protection & business licensing policy change in the following days.  But we will also be sharing information about the (small/micro-)business of food, shared-use kitchens, happenings at Kitchen Chicago, and maybe even a recipe or two.

We invite our readers to join in the conversation via comments.  There are a lot of good ideas out there, and we look forward to hearing them.

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  • Congratulations on launching your blog, Alexis and Jeff! Your effort to establish another channel of dialogue between you, your clients and the larger community of food artisans in Chicago is appreciated. After all, conversations beget innovations and we need some innovative solutions to the current food regulatory process in this city. It’s a bit ironic that you launched the blog on March 4th; perhaps “March Forth (collectively)” can become the mantra for those of us advocating sensibility, in addition to sustainability, in our local food system and economy.

    I look forward to finally meeting you in-person on Sunday evening during our informational meeting at the Hopleaf. =)


  • Jeff says:

    Thanks, Jim! We’re looking forward to meeting you as well & to discussing policy, both at Hopleaf & the Family Farmed Expo next week.

    And..uh..sure, we totally planned to launch on March 4th. Onward, soldiers of food!

  • Dan Rizzo says:

    Hi KitchenChicago friends! I like this format – hope it catches on. Here’s something that’s not directly related to the Kitchen but is probably relevant to like minded thinking individuals:
    It’s about people who organize to volunteer at small, local farms (probably not ADM). There’s a newly formed group in Madison on facebook, nobody here in Chicago – yet. Food soldiers unite!

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