9 Ordinance Pages in 11 Bullet Points

September 1st, 2010 comments 2

Last weekend we posted City Hall’s first draft ordinance for shared kitchen operators and users. We know not everyone enjoys nine pages of municipal code amendments, so we’ve attempted to distill the major points for shared kitchen users below. This is presented as our best effort interpretation of the draft, without commentary.

  • Users need a new “shared kitchen user” business license
    • Two types: long-term (2 yr, $330) or short-term (90 days, $75)
  • You do not need a retail food or wholesale license. The shared kitchen user license allows for business activities covered by those
  • Shared kitchen users must have a sanitation manager on duty during all shared kitchen use (we already require this)
  • The shared kitchen user license can be used at any shared kitchen, including restaurants w/ a “shared kitchen supplemental license”
  • New record-keeping requirements
    • Users must have a signed agreement (“affidavit”) w/ each shared kitchen used
    • Users must maintain a log of dates & times any shared kitchen was used
  • Application process for a shared kitchen user license
    • Submit a menu and a form identifying any special equipment (presumably not already part of the shared kitchen)
    • Must have a consultation w/ a health department official

One area that remains unclear is liability for health code violations. The draft ordinance clearly holds operators liable, but doesn’t detail any responsibilities (or non-responsibilities) for shared kitchen users.

Hope this helps to summarize the nine page draft for users.

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